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Our Spark Story

It's easy to feel overwhelmed in a world that is constantly evolving and changing. We often find ourselves lost, lacking the hope and belief in our own abilities. But fear not, for we are here to empower individuals, groups, and firms to not only adapt, but also to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. That is why we believe "Spark", the story about you and what you can create.

Our mission is to inspire and encourage future entrepreneurs, founders and teams who are passionate about delivering unique solutions to their customers from Spark to Launch.

Our journey began in 2018, guided by the personal reflection of our founder, Hui. With a deeply optimistic view, we embarked on this path with the simple yet profound notion that "A Spark is All We Need" that's needed to ignite transformation. We launched a mobile app SparkLand, a social network for sparkers to create and share spark posts on the phone. Through this journey, we realize People are looking for more than a social network. They want to turn their sparks into actions.

In 2022, we pivot into a web-based app idea "YesSpark" to focus on how we can facilitate them from sparks to actions. Not just we ignite sparks, we can team up on discovering and building solutions together. It is more than project management or team collaboration tools. We want YesSpark to become your ultimate solution management OS.

Look forward with AI technology, now we are excited to fulfill our original vision "A Spark is All We Need". There are more AI assistants coming to YesSpark to help you to bring ideas to impact faster and better.

FoundeR & CTO

Hui Huang

Launch Updates

2024 - now: AI Assistants

2022 - 2023: Web App

2019 - 2021: SparkLand Mobile App