You 2.0: Where Sparks Become Actions

YesSpark is a create-your-own-journey platform for motivated individuals and teams to build their learning and project journey in an inspiring, accelerating, and meaningful way.

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Boost Curisoity & Creativity

From Uninspiring Notes To Spark Post Gallery

Spark is your curious, creative, or innovative moment that worth to capture.

Traditional notes are so flat, uninspiring, and you never look at them.

Imagine you can visit your personal spark gallery and collective spark gallery.

Share Learning Journey

From Pre-made Learning to Journey-based Learning

Existing learning paths are often pre-made, rigid, cookie-cutter experience.

There is no place to share your personal learning journey to showcase or inspire others.

Imagine you can fly solo or circle up to capture your learning journey together. Others love to follow & join with you.

Build Project Narrative

The missing part that align us easily from sparks to actions.

Are you frustrated of making sense of your project narrative: why we do things, how we overcome, and what we learn when we get on the road?

Often, we are stuck in meetings, tasks, spreadsheets, or text messages. Existing tools only give you task data or planning data.

Imagine you have dedicated hubs to build the full project narrative for your client or your team from planning to goals to success.

🤗 Easy To Share & Proof
Your Amazing Journey

YesSpark allows you to have full-control how you manage your visibility internally and externally. Our Journey Heatmap, Journey Public View, and Public Profile Page are a perfect way to share, showcase, and proof your unique learning and project journey. Imagine discover you for work opporunity in a whole new way!

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To All spark creators and journey makers:

YesSpark platform is a Journey-Centric System that allows you to build everything around your sparks and your journey hubs for personal use, team use or community use.

At any time, you can simply do these inside the app:

1. Write more sparks to develop your curiosity and creativity.
2. Create a new hub to embark a learning journey or project journey.
3. Customize your sections to match your learning and project narrative.
4. Enjoy 2-way task planning to simplify task communication and increase accountability.
4. Keep everyone in the loop by designing alert-based checkpoints for your journey.

We want to make everyone get excited about their sparks and their next journey.
We are on the mission to make YesSpark a great tool for you to learn what you love, do what you want to do.
Because, your spark is beautiful. And your journey matters.

Founder: @skylinedev2 (Hui)

2 Journey Books

Click below to how they use YesSpark to build their unique journey from sparks to actions to success.

Feature Highlights

💡 Spark Gallery

Introduce SPARK Gallery - a beautiful feed that you can enjoy glancing your recent and past posts. Easy to scroll and reflect your posts mindfully.

Zen but Powerful Posting

Fast & clean way to capture texts, images, or videos

Personal Gallery & Company Gallery

Easy to find posts in your personal space.
Get inspired in your organization space.

Keyword Search, Recent & Monthly View

Search & filter, comment & share


🚀 Journey Hub

Introduce JOURNEY HUB - allow you and your group to own a dedicated space to co-create posts and take actions all in one place. What's your next journey? No more overthinking. Just pick 1 out of 9 JOURNEY THEMES below. Ready-Set-Go!

Exploration Journey

Spark & Research, Discuss Topics. Share Local Life

Learning & Practice Journey

Learning Sprint, Project Sprint, Business Sprint

Project & Challenge Journey

Creator Challenge, Builder Challenge, Business Challenge

🙌 Hub Members

Hub is also a collective space. Whether you want to share learning, discuss topics, or sync on project details, you can easily invite them to join as Hub Members. Manage the whole member lifecycle, all in one place.





⛺ Create Your Hub

Pick your hub goal & interaction mode, boom!
Your hub just came to life. Customize it with a cool name and image.

Do you need co-host? invite them.
Do you need to circle up? invite them.
Do you need to team up? invite them.

Fly Solo
Circle Up With Cohorts
Team Up With Teams

😼 Customize Sections

Inside the hub, you can organize sparks into sections. Pick the beautiful layout best for you to showcase your contents.

Engage with your circle, guild, team, or client. Ask questions, give feedback, or even co-create together.

Multi Sections
Multi Layout
Change Order

🪣 Set Bucket Actions

Easy to plan resource, actions, and effort in large engaging bucket cards. Calibrate your confidence & status toward achieving last mile and celebrate journey and results together.

Work on it
Need help
Last mile
Celebrate it

🚀 Boost Your Experience

Do you want to experience faster, better and exclusive features?
Check out our The Booster Package to enjoy many advanced features like Custom Tagging,
Custom Layouts, Spark Habit Report, Contribution Dashboard, Add Co-Host & Sponsors, and many more.

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